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O'hotel with it's convenient transportation, modern and comfortable features,

it provides you with an affordable accommodation option  

【Always bring you home with peace of mind】

All employees have been vaccinated and undergo rapid testing before going to work every day to create a safe and comfortable home for you.

Welcome guests who rent monthly or return to China via Hong Kong

The hotel cherishes every visitor's visit,

Always achieve the best quality of living and service quality,

Let every passenger feel comfortable and at ease,

friendly service staff, showing the most considerate and warm service,

Intimate and delicate to create a perfect resting place for you to go out,

bringing you the perfect experience of comfort and dignity.

**This hotel does not include PCR testing services. If guests need,

you can go to the PCR testing center for testing,

which can be reached by walking for 10 to 15 minutes, very convenient,

you can ask the hotel reception for details.

**If COVID-19 is confirmed during the stay, a disinfection fee of HKD 1,000 will be charged.

WhatsApp us at : 9713 2839 or 5390 9880

Dear Employment Agency

According to Hong Kong's quarantine arrangements ,

it has been exempted from isolation since September 26.

But if the employer of the foreign domestic helper is uneasy,

We can offer a voluntary quarantine package:

A/: 3 days stay = $380x3= $1140
B/: 3 days stay with meals = $580x3=$1740

Foreign domestic helpers can come and go freely during the stay

Welcome to book WhatsApp 9713 2839 or 5390-9880


Thank you for your support

O'Hotel Hong Kong
Located in To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong, adjacent to the Shatin-Central Line, No. 42 Kowloon City Road, To Kwa Wan, Exit A of To Kwa Wan MTR Station, close to shopping malls such as Mong Kok, Jordan, Hung Hom and Tsim Sha Tsui. From the airport to the hotel, you can take the A22 or E23 "Shanxi Street" station and get off, and it only takes 5 minutes to walk to the hotel. There are many food markets, restaurants, dim sum and tea restaurants nearby. It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to travel between Mong Kok and Tsim Sha Tsui. There is a viewing platform on the top floor, overlooking the night view of Hong Kong.

Aos Hotel cherishes the presence of every guest, and always strives to achieve the most perfect performance in terms of quality of life and service, so that every traveler feels comfortable and at ease. Friendly service staff, showing the most considerate and warm service, creating a perfect place for you to go out and rest, bringing you a comfortable and noble perfect experience.
No.42-46 Kowloon City Road
​To Kwa Wan, Hong Kong

Phone : +852 3628 4900                +852 3509 0887


WhatsApp Booking : 

+852 9713 2839

+852 5390 9880

Contact Us

Thank you for the information !

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